What is PHRS Service?

PHRS means Personal Health Record System. It offers user-friendly, self-controlled online solutions that give patients a way to actively and securely manage their own health information.

Provided by Speaking IT Canada, in collaboration with SITNigeria, it is an e-health service that keeps all your medical information in one secure and safe place for easy retrieval by your doctor for better healthcare.

The basic subscription is $24 per year. That is $2 per month. But you do not have to pay, as a small bit of your referral income covers your subscription and more! With typical referral income of $5000 per month, your subscription is a non-issue!

And by referring others to the system through SITCanada SalesTeam™ program, you are paid a whopping 30% commission. The best part is that the system pays you month after month, for as long as your referrals are active. At 30% commission rate, the sky is your limit.

As a member SITCanada SalesTeam™, the referral of just 4 users in a day, pays you a commission of $28.8, which is more than enough to cover your subscription for the year! So for you, through the power of our referrals, PHRS is FREE!

How does PHRS work?

Very simple. You create an account with an email address and you are set to go. Simply log in anytime and add your medical information.

Is PHRS Private?

Yes, all your documents are available only to you per our privacy policy. You control the access yourself. No one else can access your records.

How to generate income?

You create your own passive income stream by referring PHRS service to others. The more people you register, the more money you make.